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We contract with a NATIONWIDE NETWORK of Safety and Environmental Professional’s to bring quality training and services to you. Our instructors have a thorough knowledge of OSHA and Environmental regulations and a background in the Health, Safety and Environmental field. 
Safety and Environmental professionals wishing to align with our network can forward their resume, experience, and current certifications to:
The US Safety Institute is a Multi Specialty group of Health, Safety and Environmental Facilitators with a broad range of Occupational Safety training and services.

By combining our resources and strengths, our Organizations through their common bases can draw from the unique abilities, qualifications, resources and services to better meet the needs of employers. Additionally, by sharing we are able to offer exciting new services that individually, they would not be able to provide.

More and more business owners are recognizing that safety on the job translates into many areas of business.  In fact, investing in safety and the prevention of accidents brings social and financial benefits, both short-term and long-term, including 1) increased workforce productivity and satisfaction, 2) an enhanced business image, and 3) reduced regulatory concerns and need for enforcement.

WE are heavily committed to providing high levels of quality service in OSHA, MSHA, DOT, USCG, ACOE and a whole array of Federal, State, County and Municipal compliance requirements. Collectively, our clients come from many Corporate Giants as well as Public Sector Employers at the previous described Governmental levels.  

Anyone who works in construction or general industry on a regular basis or has an interest in safety compliance on the job will benefit from our safety training programs. You will learn crucial OSHA policies, procedures, and standards, as well as safety and health principles. Your achievement in these courses documents your knowledge and recognizes your personal commitment to safety.
Safety Professional Will...
Implement systems to improve process efficiency and reduce injuries. Conduct training and promote continued education for all onsite employees. Investigate accidents and incidents being careful to maintain all matters of confidentiality at all times. Conduct bi-weekly safety contractor meetings, to facilitate stronger communication and the ability to resolve critical issues. Create reports of the safety performance on site and present them to all site construction managers. Conduct routine safety audits and initiate hazard corrective actions. Schedule surveys for multiple sites, and compose and draft outgoing correspondence and safety reports. Serve as a designated safety representative of other elite safety companies. Implement innovative technical support and execute safety programs to increase employee safety and reduce job-site hazards. Maintain inspection, training, policy documentation, and conduct job hazard analysis (JHA's) in regard to specific tasks along with new equipment introductions. Conduct safety and competent person training.  Conduct regular job site observations to provide safety direction for all contractor personnel. Report to the general contractor hazard’s and issues with conformance to safety policies and standards. Work with construction administration in regards to field observations. Perform daily/weekly progress and safety reports and photographs of assigned projects.  Enhance safety communication between all construction subcontractors, workers and management. Assist in reduction of hazards in regard to project schedule, taking in account the sequence of all construction activities. Report the quality of safety performance on site to site construction managers. Follow through with all site safety inspections in a timely manner. 
Safety seminars, workshops, and training will show you how to maintain a high level of OSHA compliance and prevent workplace accidents, illnesses, and injuries.
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